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Music Apprenticeship

Posted: 28/08/17 by Eunice Jubin

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My son is thinking about apprenticeship route rather than university. He is going into his 2nd year studying Music Production and Engineering Diploma BTEC Level 3. He has produced an EP already and quite talented. I am trying to understand the apprenticeship route and type of apprenticeship he can pursue for someone who wants to produce music. Your experience and advice in this industry would be invaluable.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    It is down to finding the company that will employ him and put him through this route. Recent changes in funding can make it attractive for an employer to take on an apprentice with formal training- even a very small company. His current College should be able to help with this....

    These few opportunities will be much in demand, so his networking skills will probably be the best bet to create a position - he should be asking studios and producers if their are any chances or if they can offer door-opening contacts.

    If he finds one that doesn't have any info on apprenticeships , but would like to conside it, then may help.

    A music tech-heavy CV is needed - detail on all equipment, hardware and software he is competent with.

    PS- he needs to do this...not you!

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