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need advice about my career

Posted: 19/08/13 by Stephanie Miller

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Hi guys, I think I really need some help right now. I'm 19 and looking for something to do! I don't know whether to find a job (I'd prefer it to be a part-time job than a full-time one for the time being), I don't know whether to take a gap year and travel around, maybe doing volunteer work? Or I don't know whether to go back to college and further my education! I've already spent 3 years at college, my first 2 years I completed a BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Children's Care, Learning and Development, however, after I've done this course and had some sort of work experience in schools and day nurseries I feel that this isn't the career path I want to take. I feel that I work my best when I'm doing something I love, and that is technology. The last year I spent at college I completed OCR Level 2 in Business Administration. I completed a number of exams with this and have the certificates for them but I'm just waiting for a certificate for completing the course. I really enjoyed this course and felt that it is something that I would love to do. I feel that I would work well and feel comfortable if I was working related to business. I don't know whether to go into college and take another business course at a higher level. I did have the opportunity to apply for an Ilex course to study law, which I would have loved to do but the amount of work they required was going to push me far. I was thinking of going on a business management course and possibly thinking of running my own business. I do love travel, and cars, which I have been looking for part-time jobs in travel agents and car dealerships but most of these need experience working in a similar environment (Maybe finding an apprenticeship?) I have talked to my brother about working in a Recruitment Agency which I would [U]love[/U] to do, but I feel that I will need more experience and most recruitment agencies are a distance away from me (I am currently having driving lessons and hoping to pass my test within 2/3 months, hopefully) But then, I don't know whether to take a year out and travel around, maybe finding a job abroad somewhere and working for a while out there (I like the idea of working on a cruise ship) I have so many choices, and I know I am at a young age, I just don't know what to do right now! I'm currently working some mornings in a Bed&Breakfast (at least it's something and I'm getting some money in for myself) If anyone would be able to offer any help, or if you need more information please reply! Thank you.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi there

    It sounds like you're aware of all the various possible directions you could go in but confused about which is best for you or how to allocate an order of priority to them.

    In such situations it is really best that you have a face to face discussion with a trained careers adviser. As you are over 18 you can arrange this through the National Careers Service. Contact information can be found here:

    Good luck! :)


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