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Need advice in Microbiology Careers

Posted: 14/12/14 by Rajani Satish

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I am currently looking to add on UK experience to my profile in Microbiology area & and need some advice. I have done post graduation in Biotechnology in India & have worked as food microbiologist in India for 1+ years, performing day to day laboratory duties. Its been 5 years so far, Initially when I came to UK in 2009 due to personal reason I did not work for few years. I started to search again in year 2014 by applying for jobs using job portals. Most of my applications were unsuccessful due to lack of experience in UK. I would like to gain UK experience by getting training courses or work in research area or in voluntary jobs in my area to gain experience. Please if you don't mind, could you advice me of any such opportunities you are aware of. It would be very helpful if you could provide of any suggestions or links that will help me to progress in my area.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Rajani

    The links at the bottom will take you to articles which will help you to understand the way things work here in the UK.

    I would advise you to join one of the learned bodies/societies as this would provide access to networking opportunities in your specialism.

    In terms of gaining practical experience I am wondering whether you might be able to get lab work as a technician in the NHS or a university or local authority or in manufacturing. As well as applying for advertised vacancies you should make speculative enquiries to employers you identify as potential “targets”. This takes the form of a letter combined with your CV. Get some help with doing this as the English has to be of a high standard if you want to get noticed.

    Depending on the type of target employer, your letter might ask about the possibility of gaining some voluntary work experience or work shadowing as well as expressing your interest in possible jobs.



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