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Louis Raphael Kouassi

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Posted: 17/09/15 by Louis Raphael Kouassi

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My name is Louis Raphael and I am French I came to the uk 5 year ago because I was born in France , when I arrive I was doing esol course at college and going to different school to better my English. year after year I started to get better with English and going up moving to where I wanted to be which was studying travel and tourism after I finish esol course I decided to study travel and tourism level 1 then level 2 I managed to pass my diploma so I have now a level 2 diploma travel and tourism . I am currently doing a level 3 access travel and tourism hospitality at Victoria college but I find it really hard to cope and understand the course because my English is still not that good as I don't have my English gcse in London and I got really upset when I realise that access was not what I was expecting. I am 24 and I don't have a job I am hoping and wishing to have some driving lessons but I don't have the money to pay for it .. but that is nothing to do with me not knowing what I want to do . I like clothes and want to be a model . but don't know where to go I really need guidance and direction . today I was walking home after college and some boy told me about notgoinguni this is the reason why I am asking you question so please answer me with idea

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Louis

    As you are bilingual you ought to be able to get a job of some kind (part time or full time) in travel and tourism. Then, after a while, you will have some valuable work experience and hopefully will be able to move up to a better job.

    The main thing is to work on developing your ability in speaking and writing in English. Doing a full time college course is expensive and is preventing you from being able to work so I'm not sure that enrolling on the Level 3 course was a good idea.

    If you can't immediately find a job helping tourists or whatever then try for any job that involves helping or serving customers. For example, in a shop, restaurant etc. You will find that your English will improve very rapidly and you will be able to get references which may be vital in your next career steps.

    Some good sites for searching:

    As well as searching online for suitable jobs you can register with an employment agency. Some of these are general job agencies and others specialise in specific sectors like hospitality, retail etc.

    Hope I have understood you correctly and feel free to come back with other questions.



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