Jonathan Davies

Need help with CV for Cyber Secuirty

Posted: 05/06/17 by Jonathan Davies

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Hello, I started Uni in 2014 but withdrew after my first year (January 2016); since then I have been looking for jobs in accounting and have been working on the side as a Sales Assistant. I now no longer wish to choose Accounting as my career path, I am more interested in Cyber Security. I have started some free online courses in Cyber Security and would like to know how to structure my CV. What shall I include and do I say how the skills I did at Uni (Accounting course) can help me in Cyber Security? Sorry for the long question and appreciate the time and help. Thanks

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Great question.

    Try a skills CV. Rather than listing your achievements and skills chronologically, you list them by skills, and then add a timeline of jobs and academic qualifications at the end. This stresses that you have the skills for the role and diverts the attention to that and away from where you actually worked. Google 'SKILLS CV'.

    You also need to match those skills against the requirements for the sector, so research first. Search for the job type and highlight all the skills they ask for. Group them into headings and then use those in your CV - using your own expereince to show how you have developed those skills in other areas. Common threads might be IT Skills, Problem Solving, Attention to Detail, Accurate Communication, Methodology - but find your own. Make your Cv personal to you.

    Good work on the self learning - tried MOOC s?

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