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Georgia Murfett

Need some help/advice on the next step

Posted: 16/09/14 by Georgia Murfett

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I am currently in my second year of A levles studying Psychology. Sociology and English language. I have never wanted to go to university and have always wanted to work/earn or just go straight into work after i had completed my alevels. I dont really know what area i would like to go in and dont know what to do really. Any advice would be helpful, thanks

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Georgia

    Your plan to avoid going to Uni and go straight into employment sounds perfectly OK to me. You will find that there are plenty of opportunities out there. You just have to be organised about your applications and give some thought to how you will "sell" yourself to employers.

    You could look for jobs specifically advertised as looking for school leavers to undergo training or you could apply for Advanced or Higher apprenticeships.

    You mentioned not being sure what career direction to go in. This is a hugely common problem for young people and for understandable reasons as you have little life experience to base decisions on.

    There are two alternative ways to approach this.

    1. Take the pragmatic approach and apply for opportunities that sound interesting to you.

    2. Do some research. There are websites which provide info on different career areas and that have career interest/aptitude guides to help you focus in on particular areas.

    Either way you should develop a good quality CV in Microsoft Word format.

    Reply to this if you need further guidance.



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