Katie Shepherd

Next best step after travelling

Posted: 28/05/17 by Katie Shepherd

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I left college last year, recently returned from travelling. I've managed to get a job in retail for now, I'm really keen to leave retail but most employers have told me I need experience. I don't know exactly what I want as a "career" but would be happy in anything with good prospects. I'm looking at apprenticeships but can't find anything appropriate, worried I'm wasting time. Any advice on what would be the next best step?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Katie,
    good news is you have a job - evidence you have the work skills and attitude to be employed.
    An apprenticeship is a good way forward - don't be too worried about it being too narrow - it will give you a good grounding in working-life in addition to some good technical skills.
    The best job uses your natural skills, so take a good look at yourself and what you feel you are naturally good at. Ask close friends and family if they see things in you too.
    Put a good CV together - and tailor it to the needs of the job you apply for. Keep looking!

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