Shabazz Abdulla

not sure about university - considering apprenticeships

Posted: 30/08/13 by Shabazz Abdulla

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Hello there, I'm currently in a situation where I'm stuck, and don't know what to do. I'm 19 years old and for the past year I've been on a gap year. I have GCSE's and A Levels, my A levels weren't so great and this hindered the opportunity for me to go to University. I mean now, i don't really know what to do, i was looking into apprenticeships but even in that field, i seem to feel confused as to what i should choose. The only thing i can say is that my hobbies or passion is philosophy/psychology, fitness and traveling. I wouldn't mind going to University either, or taking an apprenticeship or even going to study/work abroad. That's all i can really think of, i wouldn't mind some helpful advice to steer me towards the right direction. Thanks

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    If at all possible you should arrange to talk over your situation with a trained careers adviser. As a 19 year old you can arrange this with the National Careers Service. You can also opt for discussion over the phone or via web chat.

    You don't mention your A level grades so its hard to comment on the realism of applying for a last-minute place at Uni via Clearing.

    My thoughts about your hobbies/passions

    philosophy/psychology: this points to an interest in what makes people tick and perhaps in helping them deal with crises in their lives. Relevant jobs include social work, education, health services and the huge range of charitable organisations.

    Fitness: there are plentiful opportunities to work in health and fitness centres, educational settings etc. Some do a degree/HND/Foundation degree first while others go for an apprenticeship.

    Travelling: I assume you mean abroad. If you are lively and outgoing you can work for travel companies helping families with kids have a great holiday. The fitness interest fits well with this as sport is one aspect of diversion for youngsters. You could perhaps consider spending part of next Summer in America helping out at a Summer Camp? There are books and web sites with lots of ideas for working abroad on a temporary basis.

    Use the search box on the blue bar above to find other threads where I have discussed taking a Gap Year with posters.

    You might want to look at the job profiles on these sites for ideas:



    Do please get back in touch if there is anything else I can help you with.



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