Manuela Gonzalez

Once I have done my A Levels, what apprenticeship level do I apply for?

Posted: 01/09/15 by Manuela Gonzalez

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I am not sure what level I have to apply for. If it is higher or advanced. (After year 13)

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Manuela

    It doesn't really work like that. Our apprenticeships system in this country is a peculiar beast. You will find employers insisting that applicants for their intermediate level apprenticeship (with work based qualifications at level 2) have A levels or an advanced diploma. Yes indeed - that doesn't make any kind of sense but it happens to be the reality in some job areas or with some employers.

    In theory if you have A levels the natural level to apply for is higher apprenticeships. In some ways these are the most attractive ones as they tend to be with major employers and have good rates of pay and career prospects but the snag is that they are not as numerous as advanced and intermediate apprenticeships.

    So basically there aren't really any rules. Its a jungle out there!


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