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Posted: 23/09/15 by ctsfitness@hotmail.co.uk

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My son is doing his A'levels but I am searching for Business & IT related degrees/job opportunities for Aug/Sept 2016 When do you start looking in earnest? What grades would he need? He is currently studying Business, IT & Geography. He does not know what he wants to do but enjoys Business studies. What career opportunities are there?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    When do you start looking in earnest?

    Some large, prestigious employers get so many applicants that they start the recruitment process off many months before the apprenticeship or school leaver scheme is due to start. You might even find that some have already opened for business for their September 2016 intake. However, the recruitment season doesn't really get going in earnest until next Spring.

    What grades would he need?

    It's hard to generalise about this but for higher (and some advanced) apprenticeships the employer might be looking for something around CCC. It varies quite a bit depending on the kind of firm and their geographical location. With the increased student fees, apprenticeships are becoming more popular and so competition tends to increase which can impact on the required grades. Some employers will also specify certain grades in GCSEs - especially in subjects like English and maths.

    He is currently studying Business, IT & Geography. What career opportunities are there?

    There is a very wide range of apprenticeships in the general field of business and finance. He should try to get into the habit of checking available vacancies on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The Find an Apprenticeship site has a browse facility which makes this easy to do once you've figured out how it works!

    Do bear in mind that not all training opportunities for school leavers are via apprenticeships. Some employers prefer to run their own in-house programmes. It is worth watching out for openings in the public sector with local authorities, the health service, the civil service etc.

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