Should I do A levels before an apprenticeship or does it not matter.

Posted: 13/12/16 by

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Hi I would like to become a software engineer but I don't know whether I should fo A levels before an apprenticeship. I am also predicted to get really good GCSEs.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    There are apprenticeship routes from GCSE that could get you the experience and qualifications required to work in the industry. If you choose the A level route, then Maths is recommended to work in programming.
    Keep looking for intermediate and advanced apprenticeships (especially at how the roles differs between the levels) as well as applying for A levels - that will keep all the doors open and you can make a decision next summer when you have seen all the apprenticeship opportunities. Teach yourself some programming as well - have something from outside of GCSE to put on an application.

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