Noah Mohamed

Should I drop out of a L3 BTEC Course for an Apprenticeship?

Posted: 12/01/15 by Noah Mohamed

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I'm finding this course distressing and I have lost all motivation and interest in it. I have come across this website and I do want to drop out of the course in order to apply for an apprenticeship, I have already applied for the Starbucks Barista apprenticeship but I was wondering, if a student didn't partake in the Job experience programs during high school, does that mean they are less likely to get a apprenticeship let alone a job? Noah

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    The answer is "It depends".

    It is obviously beneficial to have participated in some kind of work experience scheme but not having done this does not rule you out.

    Remember that official schemes are not the only form of work experience. Part time jobs and voluntary work count too. You can even claim that involvement in some kind of school projects etc. has given you valuable experience of the kinds of skills employers are looking for in new recruits!



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