Haaris Kamran

Should I drop out of sixth form and take an apprenticeship instead?

Posted: 05/01/15 by Haaris Kamran

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Hi. I'm currently 16 and in my first year of a-levels at sixth form. Quite simply I hate it because of the workload and the expectations for you to learn so so much in a short time. I always find myself stressed and tired and lacking motivation. Also some of the things we have to do e.g. the AQA Baccalaureate and an EPQ, I find so pointless and just see it as another burden to make me more stressed. I am a good student, I got decent enough grades all A-C in my recent assessments and I do my homework on time and I'm well behaved so I didn't want you to think I'm just a lazy teenager looking for an easy way out. In my GCSE's I got 2A*s 5A's and 5B's. The school i went to which is the same as the sixth form is one of the highest achieving in the whole country in terms of GCSE results. Apprenticeships interest me mainly because of the 'earn while you learn' and the one I'm most attracted to is one in accounting because i'm quite good with numbers. The problem is I don't know how I would find an apprenticeship and what the environment and atmosphere is like. Will I feel pressured and stressed all the time just like in sixth form? I don't want to have quit my a-levels and then started an apprenticeship and found that even worse than A-levels. Also another problem is will I find one near me as I live in a small town in West Yorkshire called Dewsbury. I can't really travel a very long distance like somewhere that would take an hour to get to. Finally my parents would take alot of convinving as firstly they're bent on me doing going down the health care route and when I spoke about an apprenticeship before starting my a-levels they dismissed it.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Haaris

    If you’re finding A levels a bit of a struggle you would most likely be making a very good move in starting an accounting apprenticeship.

    You can search for them (and often apply online) here:

    Apprenticeship Search web site.

    You will also find them advertised on lots of standard job vacancy sites and here on the Notgoingtouni site too. Here are where you can find current vacancies which might suit you:

    From this page you can then filter by location to find the recruitment vacancies nearest to you.

    Do not worry about it being stressful. It will obviously be a little strange at first but I’m sure you’ll soon settle in and enjoy the experience. You will be paid a wage and also be able to work towards an accounting qualification such as the AAT. You will find this very straightforward compared to studying for A levels.

    As you progress in your career you will be able to take further exams and can eventually become a fully qualified accountant.

    You will find lots more information using the links below.

    Click the reply button if you want to ask me anything further.


    Careers Adviser

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  • Haaris Kamran

    Thanks for answering my question Chris! I just want to know because i've seen on some websites that I'd be going to college too? But is that just for some employers who want you to or is it compulsory? Also I feel like I need to experience a day of an apprenticeship before I can make a decision. Also is there stuff like homework at apprenticeships or any external things or is it purely based internally just doing the job for the company? Like in A-Levels our teachers never told us we'd have to do an epq or he aqa baccalaureate. I just want to get away from the stress of a-levels as i dont think life should be about that and life is short at that too so shouldn't we try to get as much enjoyment as possible.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Haaris,

    For something like accounting you will be expected to take professional exams along with your work.

    Most companies offering finance or accounting apprentice positions will assign you mentors and build in support time to the normal working day - but yes, you will have to spend some of your non-work time preparing for these exams., But that's the same for any career if you want to be a success,

    MIro - NGTU

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