Should I leave Sixth Form?

Posted: 03/12/15 by Pete

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I would like to get a full time job and leave sixth form because I am not doing a course that I want to do and I just don't enjoy sixth form. Is this idea feasible or am I making a big mistake? I have sort of already made up my mind that I want to leave and get a job to be honest but has anybody else left sixth form to get a job and felt that that was the right decision and don't regret it?

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  • Melissa Adams

    It sounds like you have given this a lot of consideration and I understand not wanting to regret your decision. You mention that you are not enjoying sixth form and your subjects. What is it you are not enjoying? Have you looked into other subjects or perhaps a course at college. College is quite different to A Levels and other subjects such as BTEC are taught quite differently to A Levels.

    Do you have any ideas about careers you want to get into or what full time work you might want to get into? Apprenticeships can be a good combination as it combines studying with employment.

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