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Alba Hunt

Should I retake my A Levels?

Posted: 23/04/16 by Alba Hunt

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I got DDE in my A Levels and am now working as an au pair in Switzerland. I finish my contract in July and am freaking out about what to do - either say here or return to the UK. I eventually want to be a Midwife but obviously it is not possible to get directly into Uni with my grades so I've been looking at 1yr access courses which could qualify me suitably to apply to Midwifery degrees. I would like to know whether in my situation, is it best to either retake my A Levels completely or to try and get onto an access course? Thanks

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Alba

    Personally, if I were in your position and I had the option of an access course I'd definitely choose that over A level resits. But of course I'd want to be sure that the access course in question provides a decent chance of being accepted onto a midwifery course.



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