Alice Mae Faulkner

Spanish people and apprenticeships in UK?

Posted: 15/07/15 by Alice Mae Faulkner

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My friend is Spanish and has only got ESO, which is the Spanish equivalent to GCSE, but obviously he doesn't have an English GCSE as he studied English as a foreign language. He wants to come to the UK and do an apprenticeship but we were wondering how to do it. Are there special apprenticeships for foreigners in the UK or should he get an English GCSE? Thanks in advance.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Alice

    As an EU citizen your friend is entitled to seek employment (including apprenticeships) in the UK. There are no special programmes for foreign students so they would have to convince an employer that they have the English language skills and academic attainment necessary for that apprenticeship.

    If he brings his school certificates with him the training provider will be able to check what they are equivalent to in terms of our UK qualifications.

    Hope that helps.



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