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Starting a career in IT

Posted: 29/02/16 by Parwesh Gurung

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I am 25 years old, currently working part time in Romans Estate Agency. I don't have GCSE's because I moved to UK when I was 17, however i have done AS Level BTEC Travel and Tourism, Access to higher education Business, and studied first year in Travel and Tourism Management in UWL. Travel and Tourism was never my first choice, it was my only choice. Now, I want to start a career in the field which I love, that is IT. Can you help me figure out what would be best for me? and what should i do? thanks

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Parwesh

    If you want to work in IT you have to get a lot of training and experience. There are two main ways to do this:

    1. A higher education course in computing
    2. An apprenticeship in IT

    Whether you are eligible to do an apprenticeship depends on the basis of your residency in the UK. I cannot advise on this without further information. If you are eligible then the best thing would be to speak directly to one or two of the training providers who specialise in this field in your local area. You can find out who they are by looking at the current vacancies advertised on the Find an Apprenticeship website. They provide details of the training provider in each case complete with contact details.

    In the case of HE courses there is a huge variety to choose from, including Foundation degrees and HNDs which take 2 years to complete full time. The ones to go for are where they have formal work experience arrangements built into the course. I say this because potential employers are far more impressed by actual real-world experience than by academic knowledge!

    Hope that helps a little.



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