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Emmy Stothard

Starting points for a Gap Year

Posted: 15/03/16 by Emmy Stothard

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I have quit out of sixth form 3 months ago and have been working full time at Next. My question: is it worthwhile going on a gap year before I start applying for jobs or aprenticeships? It's my dream to do it, and though I have no one to go with and I have no idea about the cost of it, I just know I want to explore before I settle down. Do you have any tips on where to start?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Emmy,

    This is a good place to start your research. Head over to our Gap Year and Voluntary section here:

    Then you should check out the following sites for good gap year advice:

    And have a good look around.

    As you go about your research, do tread carefully. There are big variations in the quality (and cost!) of the huge variety of formally organised gap year programmes. Look for references and genuine reviews about companies. Youtube has some good reviews on it where ex-gappers talk about their experience.

    If money is an issue, perhaps you should look for the work placement gap years in first world countries like the USA and Australia or New Zealand. You could do these sort of adventures first and then finish with some time in more exotic locations where pay is not so good (or even non-existent!) but the experience can be widely different and fulfilling.



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