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This query is to assist my daughter. Her AS results are below the re-enrolment requirement for her sixth form

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I could really do with some help. I have no idea what avenues are available and also who we can talk to for information and support. My daughter had no clue really on a career path so picked courses that she completed for her GSCE and got the best grades for. However she just got her AS results and they were not what she was expecting. The results are also unfortunately below the enrolment requirements for her sixth form. With no one at the school to speak to we have no clue what options are available. Also my daughter feels the courses she completed are not really where she wants to go eventually with her career and now feels that she would prefer different course which lead to a different career path. She would like to swap courses and complete year 12 again with Sociology, English and possibly Art...How would she go about applying to complete year 12 again with a different path.. Also she feels her career needs to be in the Human Services area possibly a social worker area what courses suite this career path ?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Bev

    All is not lost. Things can be turned around. The important thing is to seek advice and gather information about the available options which is what you are (very wisely) doing.

    A lot depends on your daughter’s basic academic ability. If this is a little weak then there is room for doubt as to whether she should really be going down the A levels path at all. Without knowing more about her GCSE grades I cannot really advise on this. So switching to new subjects might or might not be the best way to go - in my experience it is often not advisable.

    Another possibility is to look into enrolling on a vocational diploma course (at level 3) such as a BTEC in Health and Social Care. Your local FE college will almost certainly run this type of course and it would depend on whether or not there are any places available for a September start. If a student does well on this type of course they have the option of moving on to higher education (within the same subject area).

    Hope that helps you a bit and get back to me if you need any further assistance.


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