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Travel work in the US?

Posted: 06/06/14 by Ghislaine Aldred

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My question is about pretty much everything.

I finished sixth form, went to college and then started university at Leeds Met (just for a year). I loved living in Leeds, being independent, learning, making friends, being away from home for a bit. However, I really didn't enjoy uni, I knew from my FIRST lecture that it wasn't my working/learning environment. But I completed the year as I wanted to learn and become more wise.

I studied PR and Communication, wanting to work in entertainment mainly. However, I feel there is more creative and adventurous ways of learning. I do not mind starting at the bottom of a company and spending years working my way up. Learning from others and being physically productive is what I am best at.

However, since leaving uni exactly a year ago it has been hard to even find a full time job, and even relevant work experience in my county. I want to move to somewhere with more opportunity, but need money to do that first. Which is hard in my situation right now. I feel slightly left behind, but I am happy with my choices.

So now I'm trying to get work abroad for next year for a few months. Volunteering/working anything. I would really like Australia, Canada or California, but find it hard to find schemes where you are not a graduate student or current uni student. Would you know any websites or companies for these places?

I have a decent CV with lots to offer I feel, so for now I'm focussing on finding a full time job to jump into to get some money!

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Ghislaine

    Would working in a Summer Camp in the States appeal to you?

    There’s loads of info out there:

    There is a good guide book called ‘Work Your Way Around the World’ by Susan Griffith. The most recent edition costs £14.99 but you should be able to get it cheaper at somewhere like Amazon .

    Also, check out these sites:

    The main issue with working abroad is that you will need to build up a pot of money to pay for flights/visa plus taking a wad of spending money with you. With some of the organised schemes you will have fees to pay as well. Check it all out carefully before jumping in with both feet!



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