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Types of apprenticeships to look for for those who want to live abroad?

Posted: 22/06/16 by envy atkin

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I don't have any sort of dream job, I just want to be able to live in a different country. I considered teaching English as I'm a native speaker but most creditable companies require a degree, and I'm pretty sure that university isn't my thing. Are there any types of apprenticeships that would lead to a job that I could move abroad with?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Envy

    The most obvious field is something within travel and tourism as there are jobs working for tour operators as a local representative in holiday locations.

    Other than that it's quite hard to be specific as a lot would depend on where exactly you were thinking of moving to. For example, if you moved to (say) France or Germany would you be able to converse fluently with locals in their own language?

    It is easier (obviously) if you move to an English speaking country but it can be tricky gaining more than short term employment in places like Australia, New Zealand and the US.

    There are quite a few books available on the topic of working abroad that go into all the ins and outs.



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