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Hannah Johnson


Posted: 04/01/15 by Hannah Johnson

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Hello, im currently studying Geography in my first year of University. I am looking to use my summer effectively and wish to either complete a volunteering period or internship abroad. I have looked into various companies e.g. Frontier, Project abroad etc. However they are all extremely expensive and i do not have £2000 to spend. I am seeking advice on any companies which could help me fulfil this ambition but at a smaller price point? Many thanks.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Hannah

    Good for you. A great idea. Can you think of any way to get some of the funds together by seeking sponsorship from friends, relatives, companies (good PR). A good option can be to do something strenuous or scary (but not too!) as a kind of 'stunt' so people feel they are rewarding something! There might be social networking avenues to explore here.

    As for the actual question you asked - I suggest you read the two links below carefully including the comments at the bottom (which are often the best bit about these blog articles) and you will find yourself becoming much more clued up and with further links to follow up. At the end of the day, it is never going to be a cheap thing to do but with some real thought and planning it could be a very positive experience. So go for it!

    Internships are obviously a very different thing to voluntary work. A great starting point for research into this:



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