Harry Dalton

What are my best options?

Posted: 07/09/17 by Harry Dalton

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So I wanted to do an Apprenticeship in Software Development or Web Design. I've just finished my A- Levels and when applying it seems that I'm not skilled enough to partake in the majority of the apprenticeships. Was wondering what my best options are? I have a A- Level in ICT (and some others but irrelevant for this) My main objective was to find one that taught you beforehand but they seem to be hard to come by.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    A apprenticeship is designed to train you whilst you contribute to the company, so opportunities in Software or Web Design may well be taken by those who already have some skills in that area.

    It might be worth investigating an IT support role in a a company offering these services - get your foot in the door and work up.
    Teach youself some basic design and programming too - show you are willing to step up.

    Employers want work-ready people, so any experience in a Saturday job or work experience will deomstrate general employability skills - don't underestimate those.

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