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What can I do?

Posted: 02/06/15 by Steph Ponter

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I have just completed a Health and Social Care Level 3 course at Sixth Form achieving distinstion distinstion *. I have no idea what I can do with this and where it could lead me to. I have looked into apprenticeships but they are something I am not really interested in as I have already gained level 3. It would be great if I could get some advice on what I can do with this qualification.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Steph

    Your qualification is suitable for people working in the following roles:

    • Senior care assistants/support workers/key workers in a residential setting

    • Senior healthcare assistants/support workers in community and primary care environments

    • Senior healthcare assistants/support workers in acute health environments

    • Senior care assistants/support workers/key workers in domiciliary services

    • Senior care assistants/support workers/key workers in day services

    • Senior support workers in supported living projects

    • Community-based senior care assistants/support workers/key workers including those working in specialist areas e.g. dementia, learning disabilities

    • Personal assistants employed directly by the individual they support or their families

    • Emerging new types of workers and multidisciplinary health roles crossing traditional service barriers

    So you need to figure out which kind of health care/social care setting you are best suited to and then go ahead and apply for advertised vacancies.

    There is more information via these links:



    One word of caution: in some areas you might have no choice but to apply for apprenticeships if this is the only entry route for new recruits!


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