Samantha Sice

What can I do after college?

Posted: 07/10/14 by Samantha Sice

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I'm currently a second year college student in Essex studying Graphic Design, 3D Design and Law. I want to go into interior design and for a short while i considered going to university but decided it wasn't for me. I still want to into interior design but university isn't an option for me. what can I do? what other steps are there for me after college. I finish college in 2015.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Samantha

    Interior design is one of those fields where a degree is not actually necessary unless you need the course to learn about issue to do with colour balancing, materials, CAD software and so on. However, your chances of finding employment as a junior/trainee without having done a course in Design or Architecture would be very small.

    There are of course designers who are self employed and trade on their reputation with commissions coming from word of mouth recommendation. If you have the requisite flair, skill and personal qualities then you might be able to slowly build a business as a freelance. I suppose the critical thing is to find a way to do that first project. You will then have something tangible to show to potential clients.

    There will no doubt from time to time be apprenticeship opportunities with interior design companies but these will be few and competition will be fierce.


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