Sedrick Semapyo

What can I do at my age?

Posted: 07/01/16 by Sedrick Semapyo

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Hello. Can someone help? I just registered on this website. I'm 25 years old and I don't have any qualification, what I have finished is only High school. Well, I did few online IT courses, but it seems that those diplomas that I got don't worth much. I would like to go for an apprenticeship, but if I'm right, it's only for 19-24 years old? I don't know what to do, I want to learn and gain qualification, but I don't have the money to study in college or in the university. Volunteering positions attracts me a lot, such as travelling to a different country, helping children or animals, but I'm afraid to lose more time, because I won't gain any qualification while volunteering? I would like to work somewhere in IT area or in British Army or Royal air force, but I'm not eligible, because I'm not a citizen of United Kingdom. I've been living in UK for 5 years now and I am Lithuanian. Apart from English I speak Lithuanian and Russian. Like I said before, volunteering attracts me a lot and I love to travel and explore different cultures, but I just don't want to make poor decisions, I would like to gain life experience and, of course, qualification. Any help, please? Any advice?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Igor
    Strictly speaking you are eligible to do an apprenticeship but (as you said) your age would make this difficult due to the government rules about funding for paying the course fees.

    My advice would be that you get in touch with one or two of the major training providers ( examples would be QA and Arch) that specialise in IT training to ask for their advice about your chances of finding a placement.

    These links take you to sites where you can search for providers and get contact details:



    Also, your local FE college may well be a training provider for IT apprenticeships so check on their web site or give them a ring.
    Hope that helps



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