Hayley Pywell

What companies provide the best apprenticeships in terms of Banking and Finance for college leavers?

Posted: 24/08/15 by Hayley Pywell

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I recently finished college and want to find an apprenticeship. I am interested in Banking and Finance. What companies provide the best apprenticeships in terms of future career prospects and gaining qualifications whilst working?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Hayley

    There are a wide range of companies that have apprenticeships in that field. They vary from small to large and local to national/international depending on the kind of role you're interested in.

    At this time of year many vacancies will have already been filled so you are best advised to adopt a pragmatic approach. Do searches on the Find an Apprenticeship site for available opportunities within feasible travelling distance. You can use the 'browse' facility on there to narrow the results to banking and finance roles.

    The way you framed your question suggested that you are planning on being choosy but at this time of year (depending on your grades etc) that might not be a very practical strategy!

    Good luck


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