Jack Milburn

What is best to kick start my career in Digital Marketing?

Posted: 09/05/16 by Jack Milburn

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I have applied for a few apprenticeships and either haven't got a response or have done with the employer saying "I do not fit the criteria". I could see this if I were applying for Nuclear Physicist but I wasn't, I was applying for a Social Media Apprenticeship and Social Media is one of my very strong skill sets. I have ran out of ways to kick start my career. I have tried to do some volunteer work & freelance but gained nothing other than not a lot of people will respond to you. Do you have any advice on where to go and/or what to do?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Jack

    What could it be that is putting the employers off? Typically, this can be basic things like problems with the way a CV or application form is completed. Anything even slightly shoddy such as spelling or gammatical errors can mean curtains! The initial contact you make with an employer is so critical. You have to somehow stand out from the crowd when going for a competitive vacancy.

    Think about how you're coming across to them through your written application. You need to ensure you're making the right impression. There is lots of advice online about making applications. Check this out for starters:

    Also, get someone in the know to look over your applications/CV to get objective feedback.



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