Chris Vii

What is honestly the best alternative to uni?

Posted: 29/10/14 by Chris Vii

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Hi, I've started uni about a month ago and I'm not liking it. However, I've always been told that uni is the way to go if you want success bla bla.. so I was wondering, with the varying different apprenticeships available, which are actually comparable to a degree, if any?

I've finished college with a btec in IT at D* D* D, but I'm more so interested in aerospace engineering apprenticeships than anything else. Are there any particular apprenticeship schemes (not just aerospace engineering) which are genuinely good schemes that lead onto something upon completion?

Thank you

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Nick

    Yes indeed there are. The quality of apprenticeships does vary depending on the industry sector and between employers but in technical fields like science and engineering they are normally very good.

    With your BTEC diploma you would be eligible for an advance or higher apprenticeship, You can search for these on and in the vacancies section of our site.

    You should also do research into companies who might fit the bill and check on their websites to see if they mention apprenticeships.

    Good luck!


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