Paul Clarke

What level apprenticeships should I be going for, is it too late?

Posted: 29/07/15 by Paul Clarke

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I have a BTEC Level 3 extended diploma in IT which took 2 years from 2011-2013 in college. I received an overall triple grade distinction. I got into liverpool university, I didn't like it, I left, I thought i'd like john moores better, I got into john moores, I ended up leaving this year... University just really isn't for me I want a career in computing now and I don't want the debt. I've got some already now. I really want to do an apprenticeship in IT, anything in the industry, but I don't know if its too late? I'm 20 years old now its 2015, my diploma is 2 years old, its Level 3, a lot of the apprenticeships are to give you a level 3 qualification. Where do I stand in the career world and apprenticeship world? Specifically what level of apprenticeship should I go after, and have I got good chances of getting on one? I really want to start an IT career now.

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