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Michelle Simpson

What to do when you are not enjoying your course?

Posted: 08/11/15 by Michelle Simpson

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I have recently had to give up a two year course in art and design because of unforeseen circumstances, I have just re applied and been accepted into a college nearer to home but I feel like it's not the right thing for me anymore and I want to a more specialised subject but I feel like if I give up on college I won't be accepted anywhere is this true? And will it look bad on my records that I've left a course half way through and not completed another course? Also what can I do next in this field I eventually would love to be a window dresser or a shop buyer thanks

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Michelle

    No it is not true that you would not be accepted to do something else. It is not at all uncommon for people to start a course and then later decide it is not for them.

    In you case you could try applying for a retail job or apprenticeship and hopefully (as you gain experience) get the opportunity for promotion from the basic assistant role. If you possess some artistic flare and a genuine interest in fashion this will be noticed by your managers and who knows where you might end up?!



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