Rosina Chester

What's the best apprenticeship for me?

Posted: 30/01/15 by Rosina Chester

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Hello, I'm finishing off my A-levels, predicted 3 C's in Chemistry, English lit and lang, and History. I have completed my GCSE's to a high standard (all except French ranging from A-C). I did want to become a paramedic, but I really don't want to go to university. I'm looking for variety and nothing to do with an office! I am so stuck on what to choose, my friends say engineering, my family say music or medicine, but I'm not sure. Any advice would be amazing please. - Rosina Chester

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Rosina

    It is possible to become a full paramedic without having been to uni as many ambulance trusts have a promotion pathway for ambulance technicians.

    You should find out as much as possible about ways into ambulance care and other paramedical jobs before making decisions about what to do after your A levels.

    I know you arent keen on higher education but you ought to find out all the facts. Are you aware of Foundation Degrees, for example? These are often provided by FE colleges in association with universities and employers and contain a lot of practical learning specific to a particular job.

    You mentioned medicine. Many medical degree courses require more than one Science/Mathematics A level so again you need to be clued up about entry requirements. You are likely to need at least a B grade in Maths GCSE too.

    Nearly all health care careers now require completion of a specific degree course after gaining good A levels.

    Your A levels are not a good fit with engineering. Maths and Physics are more important.



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