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Withdrawn from university after 3 years - Please help !

Posted: 15/06/16 by mxlatif@gmail.com

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Hi, I have completed 195 credits (Level 4) towards a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with Management at university. I’ve spent three years at university including a gap year from depression but used my time to travel / mentoring. I did not complete the full degree due to mitigating circumstances and now I have been withdrawn from the degree since 2015 and unable to go back. However, I see this as a positive rather than a negative as I have gained valuable experiences with project works, fundamental knowledge of the degree, and a clear direction on where my career should go next. I would like to go into employment + training now because experience and I felt university isn't for me anymore. I have tried the apprenticeship route but I am not eligible with most apprenticeships because I have completed towards a Level 4 qualification from my degree and already been funded by the government from well known training providers i.e. QA. During my time at unveristy, I have completed an internship in technology, software group engineering project for a client in heath care and participated in some events / societies related to technology and management consulting. I know I have potential to do great but lacking the chances to get an interview with a company. I would like to pursue my dream into project management in technology but I am quite confused what to do now after completing 12 weeks work placement as a Project Supervisor in May 2016. I am currently looking for entry level / trainee in management, technology or management consulting but no luck since require a degree, years of experience, looking for particular a skill set where I do not have. My career advisor from National Careers Service is not a big help since they are not experienced knowing how to get into the industry that I want. I have got my CV checked a numerous times. I have the relevant experience + knowledge in my field and my unversity gain me an insigh to large corporations like PwC, Deloitte, EY etc from career fairs, events etc. I have done research i.e. getting a Prince2 qualifcations or some other type of qualifcation but I am worried about taking out some kind of loan to pay for fees for training if I am not guranteed a job at the end. I would appreciate it if you could help me with your advice and sources for the next step for my career. Finally, I would like to continue speaking with a career advisor through email so please leave your email address, if possible. Many thanks, L

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi L

    Given your lack of a degree my advice would be to set your sights lower in terms of career aspirations. You mention management consultancy and major consultancies. All of that is completely unrealistic in your situation!

    As you said, your credits rule you out from applying for an apprenticeship so your only option now is to seek employment on the basis of your A levels.

    Hope that helps.



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