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Daisy Mossop

Work experience placement in Marketing for Year 12 student?

Posted: 25/01/17 by Daisy Mossop

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I am trying to find some work experience placements/ summer internships in Marketing, PR, Social and Advertising, but have absolutely no idea where to start looking. Any recommendations?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    A marketeer must know his client and their customers and have the tenacity to follow up -so first step is research. Look for local companies and research exactly what they do. Compose an email showing that you know what they do and the clients they work with. (Spell check carefully!). So every email will be tailored to the company. Try to find a named email account - preferably the boss!Sending to info@ will probably get it deleted. At the end of the email, put 'I will call in 2 days to see if an opportunity to help out might be possible.' Then you MUST call. You are showing the skills of their trade.
    Set up a professional twitter account too - all these companies will be active on twitter - don't tweet to mates or selfies, but use it as a news feed for the industry. @marketingweeked is the 'bible' of the industry; start there.

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